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25 July 2018


Hydration is not just an athlete’s practice – it’s vital to any human being’s survival. In our humid warm climate, where breaking into a sweat is all too common, staying hydrated is especially crucial. And our bodies require extra fluid intake to replenish lost liquids.

You’ve probably heard that the human body is made of 60-70% water, but did you know that 75-80% of water is required by our muscles?

A reminder of the top five benefits of hydrating right for running tight:

  1. Prevent cramps and sprains – water serves as a natural lubricant for joints
  2. Improves quality of running
  3. Provides energy as you run
  4. Serves as a mental boost which increases brain power – helping you stay focused and alert
  5. Promotes healthy weight management – helps in weight loss

Water serves as a vehicle to transport nutrients throughout the body, to give you energy and help regulate the body temperature. To avoid muscle cramps, fatigue or nausea, sufficient consumption of water is needed.

But wait a minute — you need to be cautious too! Over-hydration is a real thing. It’s often seen among athletes and runners because they tend to consume extra water. Therefore, moderation is key. But how exactly do we go about it?


Drink up to 500ml one to two hours before the run to avoid a decrease in your blood volume and increase stamina during the run. Sports drinks are recommended.


Keep a bottle of cold water to lower body temperature, allowing you to run further. Drink 150ml every 15-20 minutes during the run.


Don’t forget to rehydrate after the run to avoid feeling dizzy and fatigued. Drink 500-700ml of water or sports drink to gain back your energy.

Additionally, did you know even doing household chores requires the body to stay hydrated? Hence, it’s no surprise that dehydration can have a negative impact on one’s health and mental state as well.

As water is the second most important element after air, it provides more than just health benefits and survival. With that in mind, there should be no more excuses now that you know why water is the best choice for our body.

Drink up and say NO to dehydration! Make sure to keep hydrated and live pure as we gear up for Coway Run 2018 this year!