Join The Run!

25 July 2018


You know one of those days where you wish you could carry a huge mist machine with you? The problem is that it weighs about 50 kg, there’ll be a 100m cable following your track, and then come the cops because some weirdo is walking around obstructing traffic with an industrial-sized fan.

Luckily, you can now stay cool while running without worrying about them cops. Thanks to Coway Run 2018! Brought to you by the experts who make water and air purifiers, making daily life feel a bit more special (or at least a bit more Genting Highlands-like). This year, you will experience a run peppered with cooling mist caves and wind tunnels so you can feel strong breezes gusting through your hair and be tickled by cooling sprays of pure water.

No kidding – Coway is setting up giant wind tunnels to revive and dry off even the most sweat-drenched racer. The mist caves, meanwhile, give you a taste of chilled mountain-like air so you can leave our humid warmth behind for a bit. Oh, did we mention the awesome Korean food village that awaits you at the end of the track? Join your fellow runners to BEAT THE HEAT.

See you at MAEPS Serdang this 7 October!