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Is Coway Beat The Heat Run for a charitable cause?


Is Coway Beat The Heat Run timed?

The 10KM Coway Beat The Heat Run is a timed race with prizes awarded to winners of various race categories. Please click here for winners’ prizes.

The 5KM Fun Run is not a timed event. Runners of all ages can participate in this category and we encourage you to run at your comfortable speed.

What if I am pregnant?

We strongly recommend not running in the 10KM race but for the 5km Fun Run, it’s totally up to what you decide. However please consult your doctor before registering.

What happens if there is bad weather?

A little rain won’t stop the event! Though of course in the very unlikely situation of extreme weather conditions, and the event having to be cancelled, all participants will be informed through email (pre-event) or announcements (during event) as soon as possible. If there is an onsite cancellation the participants shall receive the published entitlements.


What is the age requirement?

To participate in the 5KM Fun Run and 10KM Coway Beat The Heat Run, you must be 16 years old and above as of 30th June 2019.

Runners aged below 16 years old do not need to register, but they can register for adult tickets to be entitled to a complete race pack.

However, all participants aged below 16 as of 30th June 2019 must be accompanied at all times by at least one registered adult being aged 16 years and above as of 30th June 2019.

Family pack – What is the age limitation of kid tickets& what are the entitlements?

Kid tickets are applicable to children from age 0 to 12 ONLY.

Registered kids are entitled to receive race pack without T-shirt, bib and finisher medal. Should the kids would like to receive a complete race pack, they can register separately for adult tickets.

How can I register?

You can register here.

How do I make payment?

You can pay by credit card and Paypal through the online payment portal, which you will be directed to after you have completed the registration form.

Can I do bulk registration?

Yes, bulk registration is possible. However, you must have all teammates’ information available for the registration page.

How will I know if my online registration is successful?

You will receive an e-ticket upon your successful registration, which will be sent to your registered email address. Do take note that a copy of the e-ticket, (hard or soft copy) is a compulsory document required during your Runners’ Pack collection. Please remember to bring along your e-ticket and your NRIC (for Malaysian) or Photo ID card (for non-Malaysian) for verification during the Runners’ Pack collection.

If I cannot make it to the run, can I get a refund or withdraw / transfer / defer my participation?

All entries are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-deferrable.

Can I change race category after confirmation of my registration?

Unfortunately no. Changing the race category is not allowed after your registration.

Can I make changes to my personal particulars after confirmation of my registration?

Yes, you can make changes to your personal particulars by logging in to your account on the registration site.

Please note that changes to names of participants, race categories and apparel sizes are NOT considered as changes to personal particulars.

I am a foreigner. What are the regulations from the Malaysian Immigration Department for participating in events in Malaysia?

You are responsible to make all the necessary travel arrangements, as well as obtain all entry, exit, health and other relevant documents. Please contact the applicable Consulate or Embassy for these additional requirements.

As per the new requirement from the Malaysian Immigration Department, please state in the Disembarking Visitor Card the purpose of your visit to Malaysia is to participate in the particular event that you have registered for.

If in doubt, please contact the Malaysian Immigration Department by logging on to their website


Where do I get the race routes?

Please refer to Race Information on the event website.

Can I roller blade or cycle during the race day?

No. To ensure the safety of all participants, using any wheel-run objects during the race is not allowed. Any participants using wheel-run objects will be requested to exit the race course immediately by the security officers/officials.

What if I run together with my baby / child in the stroller?

Yes, baby prams / strollers are allowed in the course but are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Is parking provided during the race day?

There are ample parking spaces at the event venue. Parking is RM2 per entry.

Come early to secure your spot. We would advise all participants to be there earlier to avoid the last-minute rush. First come first served. Don’t miss our warm up session.

Are shuttle bus(es) provided to the race venue during the race day?

Unfortunately, no. There are ample parking spaces at the event venue. Kindly follow directions of car park officials on event day. Alternatively, you can also take the LRT and e-hailing rides to the location. We would advise all participants to be there earlier to avoid the last-minute rush. Don’t miss our warm up session.

Can I bring my pets along?

Pets are strictly NOT allowed on the race venue and race course.

Is there a baggage check-in area at the race venue?

Yes. There is a baggage check-in area near the race start line where participants can deposit their belongings. Participants are advised to carry minimal essentials to the race to remove any potential inconvenience of queuing up at the baggage check-in area to retrieve their belongings.

Please refrain from bringing valuables to the race venue. We do not accept luggage bags. Any items not collected after the event ends will be donated to charity.

What if I am injured during the race or otherwise unable to finish the race?

Manned first aid stations will be provided to attend to participants who are injured and/or unable to finish the race.

Additionally, sweeper buses will transport participants who are injured and/or unable to finish the race back to the finish line towards the end of the race.

What time does each category start?

The flag off time for 10KM will be 6:30AM and the 5KM Fun Run will be 7:10AM respectively. Take note that on the event day, runners will be release in waves.

Please come early to ensure that you have time to find parking and have enough time to prep yourself for the run.

What time do we need to complete the runs by?

Completion time 5KM Fun Run : 9.00am
Completion time 10KM Run : 8.30am

Times are subject to change according to the approval granted by the respective local authorities. Updated information will be available on the Event Guide mailed to participants week of the event.

Participants who are unable to complete the run in the given time will be transported by sweeper bus to the finish line.

Do we need money for the post-race Carnival?

The festival and its interactive attractions are provided free of charge. However, there will be food and beverage concessions and vendors to make the Carnival even more enjoyable. A small amount might come in handy.

Can spectators attend the post-race Carnival?

Yes. We encourage family and friends that aren’t participating to come and watch and enjoy the Carnival at the finish line.


Where and when is the runner's pack collection?

The Runners’ pack can be collected at KL Gateway Mall on 22nd – 23rd June (Saturday – Sunday) from 10.00am – 10.00pm daily.

Can I ask someone to collect the Runner's Pack on my behalf?

Yes. Your representative must bring along your registration confirmation slip with the authorisation section duly completed and signed by you.

Click here to download the form.

What are the sizes of the Event’s running t-shirts?

Please refer to the chart for the size measurement. All sizes are Asian sizes and unisex cutting for the 5KM Fun Run race. Requests for change of T-shirt size will NOT be entertained at any point of time including during Runners’ Pack collection.

Can I collect my Runner's Pack on the race day?

No. Unfortunately, Runners’ Pack can only be collected on the specific collection days.

Can I request delivery service of my Runners’ Pack?

Unfortunately, no. All Runners’ Pack must be collected at the mentioned venue with specific time.

I lost my Runner's Pack. Can I get a replacement?

No. Unfortunately, each runner is only entitled to get one Runner’s Pack and there will be no replacement.

Can I collect my Runner’s Pack after the event, if I did not collect it during the Runner’s Pack Collection designated time period?

No. Unfortunately, all Runners’ Packs not collected during the designated period will be forfeited.

I did not bring my bib on the event day, can I still run?

You are not allowed to participate in the run on the event day, but you may still enjoy the carnival and activities at the event.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.