Join The Run!


As the weather
gets hotter,
we get cooler

WE HEARD YOUR WOES. This year, we’re turning up the chill for even lower sweat levels. Ready to get back on track?

RUN 2018

We owe it to the fantastic runners who brought real energy to the FIRST EVER ‘Beat The Heat’ Run! Let’s do it bigger and better this year.

with COWAY

Our lives are riddled with impurities. They’re everywhere: from the traffic on the way to work, to the stress of meeting deadlines. At the pace we’re living, we seldom stop to think about the things we can control. Like what goes into our bodies.

Yet only when we filter out the unwanted can we make room for quality. And quality – in technology, in service, in improving well-being – is the reason Coway purifiers are in 1 million homes throughout Malaysia.

We care about every little aspect of what we do, from the air you breathe to each drop of water you drink. The Coway Run is a consistent effort on our part to encourage the nation to get healthier and live purer.